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What To Do On A Baby’s First Christmas

If a newborn is the latest addition to your household, then this time of year will doubtless be truly magical, as you look forward to your baby’s first Christmas.

If it’s your first time being a parent, you might be wondering what sort of things you can do to keep your little one occupied and entertained, so that you can make the most of such a lovely few days together.

While very young babies will probably spend most of the day napping on and off, slightly older ones are often just as likely to be entertained by sparkly wrapping paper as a huge pile of gifts. But, if you’d like to do something special to mark the occasion, there are several Christmas activities for babies that you can try.

What To Do On A Baby’s First Christmas

Young babies don’t need masses of entertainment to keep them occupied, (to be honest, as long as they’re well fed, loved and not too hot or cold, they’re happy) so keeping it simple to avoid getting them overtired is a good idea. Maybe try adding some twinkly fairy lights here and there, which could grab their attention, or perhaps a little toy or singing Christmas figure.

Often babies love company, so letting them soak up the festive atmosphere and attention from family members in between naps can be good.

And, what is a great idea is for you to find ways to mark the occasion, so that you’ll be able to look back on it with fondness in years to come. As such, remember to take lots of photographs and video and make some good memories to treasure in the future.

You could also paint your baby’s hands and feet to make little tree, snowmen and reindeer stamps that can be made into lovely Christmas cards this year, or perhaps create a decoration for the tree out of a foot or hand print.

Other activities for babies and ways to mark the occasion can include the following:

  • Their own Christmas stocking
  • A special ornament or decoration for the tree
  • A Christmas teddy bear or other toy
  • A little Christmas outfit
  • Photographic Christmas cards for family

All of these are things parents will be able to keep and treasure for years to come.

Other Christmas Tips For Babies

If you’re a new parent who is having Christmas at home, you could ask friends and family members to each bring a dish of food round so you can concentrate on spending time with your baby instead of the cooker. It’s a time to cherish, so soak it up and enjoy every moment you can.

Don’t spend lots on masses of gifts for a small baby, as they’re very unlikely to remember how much Santa brought them on their first Christmas. Instead focus on perhaps buying them a special keepsake and plan how you’ll make the day memorable for you all.

If it’s your baby’s first Christmas and it’s the first one as a little family, why not consider starting a family tradition of your very own, such as hanging up bespoke stockings or decorations, or going to the pantomime together.

If it’s a newborn family member, or baby of a friend you are buying for, try and make the gift useful, such as buying clothes they can wear in the Spring.


If you’re unsure of where to start in buying a keepsake or gift to mark the magic of a baby’s first Christmas, then at Organic Babe we have a few good ideas.

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Every item comes beautifully gift wrapped, to make it even more special as a gift to give at this lovely time of year.


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We Love our Mums

Often we are asked how we go about what to talk about on our Organic Babe Blog – as in particular there are so many blogs out there reaching out to mums-parents to be.
As Mums ourselves we have discovered along the way just how important it is for baby to have the best beginnings in life and once able to understand and verbalise to know that what we are feeding and buying our babies and children is pure and free from chemicals and dyes and harmful bacteria.

Today we will emphasise that whilst all care is taken to cloth your baby without chemicals and dyes and pesticides it is still considered an expensive alternative which a lot of mums are just not able to afford.
The good news is that organic baby clothes have become more popular over the years and because of that have reduced significantly in price which allows our mums, grandmothers, friends and family to buy that someone special in their lives a beautiful organic baby product.
Coming from a large family myself we now have nieces and nephews who have become parents themselves and to see their journey of how they are bringing their babies into this world and what steps they are taking to make sure they live in a friendly environment is inspirational.
What I have noticed is they are going back to basics with growing their own vegetables and choosing wiser options of chemical free food and vegetables.
Truly I could go on and on and at the end of the day it took me a long time to realise that buying organic and living organically has not only helped me to my path of living a healthier lifestyle but infact have become an advocate of sharing with you all in buying organic.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Happy Parenting!

Mumma Talk 16-20 Weeks How Your Baby is Growing and Changing

Mums and Dads and Friends

Your baby probably isn’t content to just sit and lie around watching things anymore.

He or she is likely to be intensely interested in everything he can get hold of and will be moving their little body in all sorts of ways to try and get to things.

They will want you to play with them more, talk, and find interesting things to play with and investigate.

You will notice that your baby seems to have unlimited around of energy when he’s awake.  You will need to bring more patience and humour to your role as a mother.

Babie social skills when they see strangers may cry but smiles at familiar faces and voices.

Babies little muscles are developing and are pretty good now when they reach out to grab things.

Feeding well they won’t be ready to try solid foods until they are six months old when their tongue control and ability to swallow should be well developed.  Solids are about learning to eat, which is why they are not introduced by bottle.  At this stage you should only be watching them for signs that they are starting to get ready to try solid food.

They might start:

  • showing an interest in food, including what’s on your place
  • * showing an increased appetite for breastfeeds or formula
  • * opening their mouths when food is offered on a spoon (but don’t let them eat it yet)
  • showing very good head and neck control and the ability to sit upright when supported.

The importance of a good sleep pattern is establishing towards a regular pattern.

Maintain a bedtime routine

Put them to bed awake

Wait and listen when they wake and don’t rush in

Make day and night difference

Happy Parenting

From We Mums