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What To Do On A Baby’s First Christmas

If a newborn is the latest addition to your household, then this time of year will doubtless be truly magical, as you look forward to your baby’s first Christmas.

If it’s your first time being a parent, you might be wondering what sort of things you can do to keep your little one occupied and entertained, so that you can make the most of such a lovely few days together.

While very young babies will probably spend most of the day napping on and off, slightly older ones are often just as likely to be entertained by sparkly wrapping paper as a huge pile of gifts. But, if you’d like to do something special to mark the occasion, there are several Christmas activities for babies that you can try.

What To Do On A Baby’s First Christmas

Young babies don’t need masses of entertainment to keep them occupied, (to be honest, as long as they’re well fed, loved and not too hot or cold, they’re happy) so keeping it simple to avoid getting them overtired is a good idea. Maybe try adding some twinkly fairy lights here and there, which could grab their attention, or perhaps a little toy or singing Christmas figure.

Often babies love company, so letting them soak up the festive atmosphere and attention from family members in between naps can be good.

And, what is a great idea is for you to find ways to mark the occasion, so that you’ll be able to look back on it with fondness in years to come. As such, remember to take lots of photographs and video and make some good memories to treasure in the future.

You could also paint your baby’s hands and feet to make little tree, snowmen and reindeer stamps that can be made into lovely Christmas cards this year, or perhaps create a decoration for the tree out of a foot or hand print.

Other activities for babies and ways to mark the occasion can include the following:

  • Their own Christmas stocking
  • A special ornament or decoration for the tree
  • A Christmas teddy bear or other toy
  • A little Christmas outfit
  • Photographic Christmas cards for family

All of these are things parents will be able to keep and treasure for years to come.

Other Christmas Tips For Babies

If you’re a new parent who is having Christmas at home, you could ask friends and family members to each bring a dish of food round so you can concentrate on spending time with your baby instead of the cooker. It’s a time to cherish, so soak it up and enjoy every moment you can.

Don’t spend lots on masses of gifts for a small baby, as they’re very unlikely to remember how much Santa brought them on their first Christmas. Instead focus on perhaps buying them a special keepsake and plan how you’ll make the day memorable for you all.

If it’s your baby’s first Christmas and it’s the first one as a little family, why not consider starting a family tradition of your very own, such as hanging up bespoke stockings or decorations, or going to the pantomime together.

If it’s a newborn family member, or baby of a friend you are buying for, try and make the gift useful, such as buying clothes they can wear in the Spring.


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Happy Parenting

Cuddles when Baby Needs It

Helping your baby in these moments can be extra cuddles, chats, walks and sing-a-longs and the more attention you give your baby the more they will respond.

Life is very hectic to say the least and getting into a schedule you will discover is very important.

Life has been rather hectic in the last few months and its nice to take time out and just spend some me time.

Whatever you do make sure “mummy” gets that time where she can relax and enjoy the wonderful moments of being a parent,

Until our next blog ‘Happy Parenting’